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Friday, January 23, 2009
It's been really a while without posting snapshots here. Laziness? Lack of time? Probably a bit of both.
Well well well... I was at the UN headquarters in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and I saw, no... not saw... pardon me... I had the chance to ADMIRE the wonderful work of Anne Paq in Palestine. Apart from the humanist and political messages her pictures convey, I was just thrilled by the beauty of her work.
And it just gave me back the will to come back more often to photography, to post mine... therefore a big thank you to Anne :-)

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At 23 January, 2009 21:48, Anonymous Naim

Very nice decision. I was waiting for that ;-) One my first art passions, photography is rewriting and recreating our sad world. I just came back to it after many years of laziness. I'll post some in the near future.

take care


At 23 January, 2009 21:59, Anonymous Naim

There's a little mistake in the Annepaq's link.
Very nice and useful pictures.

Thanks again for the link.


At 24 January, 2009 00:03, Anonymous Anonymous

Superbe que tu reprennes, les photos de NY sont magnifiques.


At 24 January, 2009 14:07, Blogger Amine

Thanks Naim, I just changed the link

Asma: thanks a lot, I will post a full serie of them here


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